Monday, June 5, 2017

Days 10 and 11: En Route to Tulsa and Tulsa, Respectively

This was a pretty short, straight to the point day.

We left in the hotel in the morning-- which I was thankful for because I had overlooked the fact that I had booked a room that allowed smoking, therefore the room smelled like smoke and was not a fun environment for my lungs, my fault though--, got some breakfast at Waffle House, then we were on our merry way up north to Oklahoma, Tulsa to be specific.

Speaking candidly, it was a long drive, four and a half hours or so, but it was one of our shorter drives so I was glad. We reached our hotel and just chillaxed for a bit.
I, being the homebody, actually antisocial, rooted-in-ideas-not-places, out of the moment person I am, just wanted to stay in the room and order a pizza or something.

My father, on the other hand, wanted to explore the city.

So we went out, navigating to Downtown Tulsa. The buildings were cool and whatnot but there were not many people out-- granted, it was a Tuesday night-- so I just decided to drive around and literally see where the roads took us. I even drove through a little residential area, which, for once (you know what I'm talking about if you've seen the first minute of Jordan Peele's movie "Get Out"), was a good idea.
Because I came across this.

These are photos from the walkway that parallels the Arkansas River, which separates West Tulsa from the rest of the city. Pictured here just after sunset, it was a calming, reassuring, and enjoyable end to a long day.

Afterwards we did some more driving, explored West Tulsa, and then tried to find a food place open past 10pm (spoiler alert: there weren't many). We finally ended up at IHOP.

Pictured are my beloved father and the full on meal (I was already halfway through the red velvet pancakes when I remember I am trying to track my meals) that the waitress doubted I could finish.

I could have proved her wrong but I wanted to save the pancakes for the following morning.


Was super lowkey, and that was on me. I got off to a late start, and really only had time to eat dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant before going to the comedy show of the night.

(More on the comedy show in the next post)

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel room, but not before I made a u-turn to stop at a parking lot and take a few photos of aspects of the city that looked cool to me.

Can you tell that I am a night person?

And the night was ended with some delivery pizza, comfort food for a day marked by being comfortable.

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