Friday, August 4, 2017

Day 14 and 15: En Route to Utah and a Day of Chill

So, funny story, apparently the quickest way to get from Denver, CO, to Salt Lake City, UT, is to go north from Denver into Wyoming, go west through Wyoming, then come down south through Utah.


But far easier said than done.

Roughly an eight hour drive, my father and I had just enough time to be able to get to the comedy show on time, even after our gun show detour.

I decided I would cover our the first 300 miles of the trip, roughly a tank of gas, and then fill up for gas and let my father take over.

Wyoming, by the way, is lovely.

So we pull over in Rock Springs to use the restroom/fill up on gas/get some snacks. I know my time is short so I decide to conduct a really quick interview with someone working at the gas station. Not a good idea. I was not able to explain to her what I was doing and her answers were pretty vague. All that I really got from it was that Rock Springs was pretty suburban and small, not very diverse, and there is an issue with upward social mobility and job prospects.

But Wyoming is still a breathtaking, albeit long, drive. At this point in time my father and I start to venture into that obscure territory that many call "bonding", and the number of revelations we had in that car made us closer than we had ever been in my entire life. It was great to talk to my father straight up as a human being, not having to go to the social formalities that come with speaking to your parent. I was so pleased with the breakthroughs we made in our relationship that day, in fact, that I was not even upset when I missed our comedy show for that day.

Wait, what? But I thought the only reason you went to three states in three days was because you wanted to go to be able to make it to the show in Utah?

Correct. But the issue that arose was that I bought tickets for the Wiseguys Comedy Club in Ogden, Utah, instead of Salt Lake City, where I was, and the two are a 40 minute drive apart. This was a larger issue because we had arrived just in time for the show in Salt Lake City, which was the same time as the show in Ogden, but also the SLC location had a full bar, so their club was 21 and over and I would not be allowed inside. The drive to Ogden was too long for us to be able to cover it and make it in time to catch enough of the show, so we decided to just check into our hotel.

And I was not even mad. What transpired in the car between my father and I emotionally was more meaningful and useful than anything that could have happened in that comedy club, and if I had the choice I would not have it any other way.

We checked into the hotel and were so tired we just decided to eat at a nearby spot, but nearly everything was closed at 10pm so we just ordered a pizza.

The small, yellow box was the pizza and the large, red box was the garlic bread, it was upsetting to say the least.

That night the conversations continued, and we stayed up into the wee hours of the morn just learning more and more about each other, like we were becoming friends. It was wonderful.

So the following day we did not get up and at them until the afternoon, and even then we had to shake the rust off of our boots (metaphorically) before we could be ready to take on the world that is Utah, but by then it was already evening time on a Sunday.

So we just decided to go out into the downtown area and have dinner there.
We found a really nice restaurant that had amazing food and even better ambiance. The place is Caffe Molise, if you're ever in the area.

After our lovely meals we were about ready to head back to the hotel, but not before a bit more sightseeing.

We were there, and it was one of the coziest spots we had hit up yet.

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